Yousend is developed by Dutchy Design. We work with a small team of designers and progammers and do our best to create meaningful and successful products and services for our clients. Yousend is one of these products which connects your customers to your brand and allows you to stand out from the competition.

Yousend is an easy newsletter template builder that empowers you to create, manage and analyse your direct marketing yourself in an easy way. It is a great program with a full-featured rich text editor that allows you to create e-mail contents without the need to use a professional HTML editor. Not to mention you can personalise your e-mail contents with subscriber information, fetch contents from URL's or personalise your newsletter based on subscribers information. You can also choose if you would like our professional designers to design the newsletter for you or save time and use one of our pre-designed templates.


  • Maintain your campaign, subcribers and statistics at your own convenience - anytime, anywhere!
  • Easy newsletter template builder
  • Monitor statistics of opened e-mails, clicks, forwards, spam complaints and even the list of people who unsubscribed
  • Integration with Google Analytics, track your subscribers activity on your website through Google
  • Improved performance and return on investment for campaigns
  • Different pricing possiblities: pay as you go or monthly payment
  • Fast, easy and secure online payment via PayPal
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